About MyDataCan Business

MyDataCan Business offers your company a secure and confidential platform for private and cross-business data analysis. You can use your data to learn insights on your own data, and you can also elect to be included in joint computations among a network of business, where your data combines with data from other businesses you identify to learn strategic insights while maintaining your privacy and business confidentiality. For example, you can learn how the salaries of your employees compares to salaries of employees in comparable businesses without any of the companies knowing your private salary information.

MyDataCan is a different data sharing paradigm. AI Tools and apps that are affiliated with MyDataCan put your needs in the center of data sharing and allow you to use these services and share your data with privacy and confidentiality guarantees. You can view your information, analyze it, delete it, or share it with others.

You can also “privatize” your information on MyDataCan. The privatized option allows you to encrypt your information with a passphrase that you know but that is not stored on the MyDataCan platform. Privatized information is unreadable on the platform. You can reverse the process using your same privately held passphrase to make the information visible on the platform again.

The AI Commons for Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer, you can join the AI Commons which provides access to data scientists and researchers to help you solve difficult manufacturing problems through insights from innovative algorithms applied to your data.